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Clowdy’s A-Z of new bands in 2014 – B is for…

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Here are some of the new bands we’ll be listening to in 2014. On to the Bs…

The Brakes

The Brakes are the kind of band that Manchester could take to its heart; an unpretentious, melodic five-piece that make resolutely unfussy music. Decent tunes – and isn’t that enough?

They’ve been a fixture on the city’s live music scene for several years but new tracks such as Allforgotten and Even If It Kills Me suggest they’re just starting to find their songwriting chops. Fans of classic British indie need look no further.

Bad Grammar

Not to be confused with London Grammar, Semi-Colon or Ellipsis (only one of those isn’t made up, take your pick). Anyway, this noisy duo couldn’t be confused with the ethereal likes of the first band on that list, creating a sludgy, heavy racket undercut by keen ears for a melody.

They can be caught at a host of festivals across the UK this summer, from Carefully Planned in Manchester to the Southsea Fest in sunny Portsmouth, and seem like they’ll definitely be an exciting live proposition.

Broken Twin
Majke Voss Romme (alias Broken Twin) is from Copenhagen, although based in London, and produces melancholic, spacious music with a strong emotional core. In a post-X-Factor world of vocal acrobatics and gloopy production, the simplicity of her approach is immediately arresting.

Her album, May, was released earlier this year by Anti-, which has also worked with the likes of Wilco and Neko Case. Pull the curtains, hide under the duvet and shade out the sunshine with Broken Twin.


Fearghus Roulston

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