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Looking for some new artists in 2014? Look no further with our A-Z, which is now on to G.

Gold Jacks

I don’t think I’ll be able to top Gold Jacks’ description of themselves, which makes reference to the eternally great Roy Orbison and a host of other soul, R’n’B and rock legends. Big shoes to fill, but a bit of swagger is always a pleasure.

Based in Manchester, these local lads are a straight-down-the-line blues-rock combo who would sound happily at home on the soundtrack of The Commitments (arguably the highest praise I can give to a band of this kind).

Great Ytene

Great Ytene are apparently named after an old Anglo-Saxon term for a part of the New Forest. I’ve never been to the New Forest, I don’t really have anything to say about this. Let’s start again. Great Ytene are a dreamy, wispy band; think Deerhunter without the country licks, or contemporary UK psychedelia like Tame Impala and Toy.

They maintain a good balance between drone and tunes, and gave a good indication of their excellent taste by covering Scottish post-punk pioneers Orange Juice for a recent Marshall Teller sampler record.


Gaps are really not anything like Avicii, despite the fact that – as in the toothy Swede’s chart-topping recent single Wake Me Up – they combine folk-ish vocals with electronica. They’re far more understated than that, avoiding the easy hook in favour of a complentative, low-fi approach.

Their languorous, intimate, glitchy songs make for perfect headphone music; music to curl up into. We’re eagerly awaiting an LP.

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Fearghus Roulston

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