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Clowdy’s A-Z of new artists in 2014 – J is for…

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Looking for new artists in 2014? Our A-Z guide is now up to J.

Jacob Allen

Jacob Allen’s early demos are like preliminary sketches – trying out ideas, different styles and sounds. What’s really impressive about the smattering of music the teenager has already released is how many different ideas are crammed into them.

Like a similarly prodigious young Englishman, Kiran Leonard, Allen seems to have absorbed an incredible amount of music in a relatively short space of time. We look forward to seeing where his talent takes him next.

Jay Prince

East London producer and rapper Jay Prince has something really important in the contemporary British hip-hop scene – a recognisable voice. Croaky, a little hoarse, melodic rather than aggressive, his idiosyncratic vocals make each track on his recent EP Mellow Vation obviously his own.

The music takes its cues from 90s US hip-hop as well as newer UK artists, and while it isn’t as distinctive as the rapping it features some memorable hooks. With new tracks set to come out in the near future, Jay is one to keep an eye on.

Follow Jay Prince on Twitter here.

Josephine and the Artizans

Josephine and the Artizans are, genuinely, a hard band to describe. Often this is critical shorthand for ‘this band sounds like loads of other bands, they’re hard to describe without simply making a direct comparison’, but I promise that this is not the case here.

They classify themselves as ‘hip-hopera’, combining classical strings, heavy rock guitar, rapping and operatic vocal hooks. So all the genres, then. In this case at least, Elvis Costello’s hoary dictum that writing about music is like dancing about architecture is undeniable – you just need to listen.

With live sets around the country planned over the coming months and some radio time secured, Josephine and the Artizans could be one of 2014’s most surprising success stories.

Follow Jospehine and the Artizans on Twitter here.



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