Clowdy’s A-Z of new artists in 2014: M is for…

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We’ve gone for Moon Ate The Dark, Cavan Moran and Mickey Lightfoot as our three ‘M’ artists for 2014.

Cavan Moran

Cavan’s old band, These Eyes Are Cameras, were a popular fixture on the Manchester music scene before he decided to decamp to Europe and put his troubadour romanticism into action. He’s since returned to the rainy city and launched a solo career to impressive results.

Fans of modern folkies like Fionn Regan will find plenty to admire in his latest recordings, which combine a traditional approach with attractive melodies and original observations. The singer’s rambling days might be over, but his musical journey looks to be only just beginning.

Cavan also provided the soundtrack to our brand spanking new promotional video below.

Mickey Lightfoot

Fronted by producer and rapper Osei Amponsa, Mickey Lightfoot produce music that could loosely be classified as ‘future hip-hop’, drawing on all kinds of influences within electronica, grime and afrobeat. None of this tip-toeing around genre really matters, however – the music is great, dense, hook-laden and with an occasionally aggressive edge.

Fans of hip-hop that moves beyond the obvious points of comparison will find plenty to enjoy in their latest EP; with plans for a proper LP on the horizon, this is unlikely to be the last you hear of Mickey Lightfoot.

Moon Ate The Dark

Moon Ate The Dark is the new project from Welsh pianist Anna Rose Carter and Canadian producer Christopher Bailey, both of whom live in London. Carter has offered her talents to a number of recording artists in recent years, but collaborating with Bailey has taken her sound to a new level, with reverberating, echoey production giving the music plenty of space to breathe.

Their eponymous debut record is a complex beast, with a debt to avant-garde and minimalist classical composition but a relative accessibility that could win over fans of modern ambient and IDM. At any rate, it is a deeply engaging prospect for anyone with an interest in piano-based music.

Follow Anna Rose Carter on Twitter here.


Fearghus Roulston

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