Clowdy’s A-Z of new artists in 2014: R is for…

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We’ve highlighted new music beginning with R in the latest instalment of our A-Z. Featuring Rainer, Rum Thief and Rory Indiana!


Composed of Rebekah Raa and in-vogue producer Nic Nell (he’s worked with lead Maccabee Orlando Weeks, among others), Rainer are a delightful oddity of a group. Like fellow Londoners AlunaGeorge, they marry an undeniable pop sensibility with an affiliation for the darker elements of British dubstep and electronica.

The overall effect is akin to biting into an ice lolly; sweet, then chilling. Girls, arguably the best track they’ve put out to date, is a condensation of this bipartite approach and simply one of the best songs I’ve heard in ages.

Rum Thief

Rum Thief is the solo project of Jot Green, a well-known face on the Manchester music scene who has mostly been known for his prowess on the drum-kit. However, Green has revealed hitherto unsuspected songwriting skills with this new tracks, on which he performs every instrument.

Highlights include the heartfelt ballad My Friend, which reveals a muscular voice and a willingness to deal with emotive topics. Jot isn’t a one-trick pony though, as new EP Clouded Mind reveals; in songs like Weather Warning he opts for a rockier approach that recalls the indie classics of the early 00s.

Rory Indiana

Up-and-coming Brighton alt-rockers Rory Indiana are hard to pin down, not least because they’ve only got one track available online, as well as a number of EP previews. They’re certainly popular live, though, and it’s not hard to see why.

Latest single Sanctuary is a really polished, tight piece of rock music, with thumping chords, intense drumming and forceful vocals coming together to great effect. Excitingly, they’re working with producer Nick Tauber, best-known for his work with Dublin’s finest Thin Lizzy.

They might struggle to top Phil Lynnot – although they’ll probably be easier to manage – but the future should be bright for this south coast foursome.

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Fearghus Roulston

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