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Looking for new artists in 2014? Why not have a look at our A-Z guide, which is now up to I.

If You Like To Dance

If You Like To Dance are one of the few bands who would benefit from adding an ellipsis to their name, but I won’t hold that against them. The duo make instantly engaging music with an unabashed pop sensibility, inspired by indie bands like Bloc Party who incorporate dance-inflected textures into their songs.

Their debut single, Skin & Bone, received some Radio 1 airplay, an indication of the group’s potential for mainstream success. Newer tracks such as Wasting Time see the band refine their approach without losing any of their appeal; their latest EP, Vices, is definitely worth a spin if you fancy hearing something beyond meat-and-potatoes guitar rock.

I Have a Tribe

Patrick O’Laoghaire, the Irishman behind I Have a Tribe, released his debut EP in 2013 and has toured with Anna Calvi as well Conor O’Brien of Villagers. Although his project is still in its infancy, the track Monsoon alone stakes out his claim for a place in such exalted company.

A blend of melancholic pop and folk-tinged electronica, it resists obvious comparisons and reaches for a genuine emotional sincerity that is thin on the ground in 2014. Following the release of Yellow Raincoats, we just want to hear more from the enigmatic musician.

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The Intermission Project

I must admit that The Intermission Project were given a footie on to the wall of my affections by their use of SAXOPHONES. My top tip for getting your band into this A-Z is to use more saxophones. That said, this Kentish group have more to offer than good taste in brass instruments.

Debut EP Sorry isn’t nearly as miserable as that title might suggest – I’ve Been Waiting and Come Away With Me are reminiscent of classic blue-eyed soul, where melancholy is easily overlaid with little bursts of joie de vivre. And SAXOPHONES.

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Fearghus Roulston

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