Clowdy’s A-Z of new artists: S is for…

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We’re on S in our A-Z of New Artists. S is for….


Sobi Thurairatnam, despite being born in Madird and spending much of her childhood in London, has begun to make waves in the music scene after her move to the north-west of England. As part of Manchester’s burgeoning folk scene, she’s recorded two EPs and played a host of gigs in local venues (including a Clowdy session at MoJo’s, of course!)

Influenced by the likes of Laura Marling and acoustic songwriting of all kinds, from Nick Drake to Joni Mitchell, Sobi has already produced a handful of gorgeous tracks in her nascent career – a personal favourite is Devil, from the Creatures EP.

Slow Readers Club

Lynne Truss would probably have something to say about that missing apostrophe, but what does Lynne Truss know about pop music? Literally nothing, I would imagine. The Slow Readers Club are an indie band with subtle electro elements laid across their songs, which run the gamut from upbeat and cheerful to gloomy Interpol-esque stateliness..

The lyrics, from what I can hear, are almost uniformly dark, but the variety in the music and melody prevents this from becoming oppressive. Following a debut album released in 2012, the group have been working on new material, recently releasing a new single, Start Again.

Statement Haircut

Statement Haircut win the Half Man Half Biscuit memorial prize for having my favourite band name in this list. That aside, this London trio are unlikely to be compared to the lads who shook the Wirral. Their bio highlights their eclecticism, noting that they’re influenced by dance, post-punk, funk, dub, and pop.

This disparate mess of genres comes together nicely, because Statement Haircut are essentially a pop band, albeit one that sounds like it might have been left for too long in the tumble dryer. Fans of music that avoids the easy hook and reaches for something interesting will enjoy their recent singles – try Rügen as a starting point


Fearghus Roulston

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