Clowdy’s A-Z of new bands in 2014 – F is for…

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Here are some of the new bands we’ll be listening to in 2014. We’re on to the Fs…


Originally from Stockport, Findlay (real name Natalie Findlay) gravitated towards London as she came to terms with the idea that, in her words, music was really all she could do. Like another northerner who has made headlines in recent years, Jake Bugg, she takes a classic sound but gives it a contemporary twist and plenty of energy.

Her single Off & On was featured on television for the Winter Olympics, and with recording sessions planned for 2014 this is unlikely to be the last you hear of the feisty songwriter.

Follow Findlay on Twitter here.

The Fireline

Hailing from Sheffield, The Fireline don’t take their cue from the early-00s indie boom that enveloped the city, preferring a more oblique, darker approach that recalls the likes of Interpol and The Editors.


From what I can tell they’re fairly fed up with the designation of shoegaze (which has become so capacious as to be ultimately meaningless, anyway), so I’ll specify that you can gaze at whichever part of your clothing you would prefer while checking out their handful of excellent demos.


The kind of heartfelt, emotive alt-folk that Famy are peddling is having a bit of a Moment, with bands like Bastille hearts-on-sleeving in the charts and (former tour-mates of Famy) Wu Lyf earning a lot of indie cred before breaking up 2012.

Hopefully, this means the band – who met in France but are based in West London – will get plenty of attention, because they deserve it. Tracks like Donkey and Hebrew, despite their rough production, showcase a group well on the way to becoming stadium-ready.

Follow Famy here.


Fearghus Roulston

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