Collaboration board success stories: Sahjon and DJ Light

Everyday, across the world, hundreds of artists are sparking connections and working together on incredible projects, across the arts, through Clowdy. One of the most effective places to find artists to work with is the collaboration board. Since we released it over a month ago, we have had over 100 posts put up by artists from all corners of the globe. Here are just two examples of the successes artists have had through the collaboration board thus far.

Sahjon is a young up and coming rapper from San Francisco and is one of the most successful collaborators on the collaboration noticeboard. He is currently working with a wide range of Clowdy artists including Sante Fe, from Switzerland, Epi Beats, from South Korea and Cirque Official, from Canada, all of which he met through the collaboration board. In just three weeks he has recorded multiple tracks for each of them. All of these songs are set for release over the next few months, so make sure you keep a close eye on our blog and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to get the latest news on how they are developing.

DJ Light is a 15 year old music producer from Tennessee who has been collaborating with artists through the collaboration board in a number of different electronic musical styles. He is currently working on a Melbourne Bounce style track with DJ Toro, from Guatemala, and a Trance style track with a female vocalist. He has also collaborated with Sahjon and made a beat for a song they’ve co-written. He is releasing one of these collaborative tracks on Friday so watch out for that! To hear why he loves the collaboration board, check out this video he sent us several weeks back.

Both Sahjon and DJ Light feature in our latest promotional video, where they, among a whole host of other artists, explain what they like about Clowdy, who they have collaborated with and what they’ve worked on.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

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