‘Eccentric, reclusive, and a bit weird’: The wonderful world of Squid Blood

Squid Blood (AKA Jake Beaudoin) is a producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who has been carving a name for himself with his hard hitting, unique fusion of musical styles. With an alias like Squid Blood, it is unsurprising that his cartoon-esque artwork is dominated by aquatic and reptilian themes, which perfectly complement his musical style.

Squid Blood recently partnered with Rude Boy Magazine, who have written a brilliant summary of Jake’s life and influences:

‘Eccentric, reclusive, and a bit weird, Squid Blood has always had a thirst for the obscure. Growing up in the DC area, the birthplace of Go-Go, there was no shortage of musical influences outside of the mainstream. It didn’t take long until Squid Blood became fully immersed in the UK Drum n’ Bass scenes and quickly took on spinning vinyl and rockin’ house parties. Looking up to such deejays/producers as Goldie, Roni Size, Craze, Dillinja, Aphex Twin, and Photek he soon began building his sanctuary where he crafts the unique sounds you hear from him today.

For Jake, the name Squid Blood is more than just a moniker, but rather a representation of his evolving sound and fascination with the aquatic. With scores of collaborations and current tracks in the works, expect to hear more freshness from this forward-thinking up-and-comer’.

Squid Blood’s first release was in 2013, with the EP These Lungs, which was a dazzling fusion of glitch bass, reggae and jungle. 

The second EP, Isla Sorna is darker, and more pungent with glitch hop vibes and theatrical overtones and features the sounds of Pterodactyl screeches.

Album artwork for the 2014 EP, Isla Sorna.

His most recent EP Penelope is more daunting and almost melancholy, and consists of ‘light reverberating piano synth lines, coupled with an airy set of classic strings and a pumping bassline that is guaranteed to get your shoulders movin’. Jake writes that despite its more melancholic approach, “Penelope” remains pleasant and and still delivers the amount of low-end required to get the dancefloor moving.

Album artwork for Squidblood’s 2014 EP ‘Penelope’

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