Food Audio Bites: Learning From A Prince Of All Trades

You may have heard the saying “A jack of all trades and a master of none”  when referring to a person who is quite good at several tasks without being a specialist at any of them.  However, there are exceptions to the rule, of course I’m talking about the late great Artist Formerly Known as Prince.  Let’s call him Prince for now.  Last week the Rock n Roll hall of famer, a certified hit-making music maestro and virtuoso, passed at just age 57.  He leaves the world with a monumental impression on popular music, and like Michael Jackson and David Bowie, reminds us that a vacuum of super-artists of our time is growing.


As I pay homage to a musical genius, and perhaps we reflect on one or two of our favorite Prince songs let me enlighten you with a few quick stats on this insanely talented dude.

150 million records sold
136 music videos
104 singles
39 studio albums
17 video albums
13 EPs
7 multiplatinum albums
7 Grammys
6 compilation albums
4 live albums
1 remix album

…and here is a list of discography credits

Composer, Song Arranger, String Arranger, Engineer, Mix Engineer, Producer, Keyboardist, Drummer, Guitarist, Vocals, Lyricist, Writer, Bass, Remix Producer, Executive Producer, Percussion, Director, Package Design, Sound Effects

Mind blown!

For me, one of the coolest things I discovered about Prince is his collaborations with other pop artists. Here are my top 8 Youtube clips…(trust me I could have added a lot more).  Don’t forget to come back to this blog as I will attempt to explain how we can imitate Prince as we build our craft…

Madonna – Love Song (Feat Prince)

Prince & Beyonce – Purple Rain

Lenny Kravitz & Prince – American Woman

Stevie Wonder & Prince – Superstition

Amy Winehouse (Feat Prince)

Prince & Cee Lo – Crazy

Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, India Arie, Prince and Yolanda Adams – Through The Fire, I Feel For You, I’m Every Woman MEDLEY

Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood, Dhani Harrison and Prince – While My Guitar Weeps

And now back to us, how can we mere mortals be inspired by The Genius?

Well, it needn’t be said, A Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are born, never manufactured…but we can extrapolate something key from the great artisan’s traits.

A great artist looks for great collaborators.  

All in all, you are only as good as your collaborations.  You maybe one of those people who can play every instrument, write and engineer your projects…but, that doesn’t mean you should.  Ask yourself, am I compromising my own project by doing everything?  On Twine members can find just the right collaborator from the 150,000 creative members. Let that sink in…if you are not utilising of an impressive network with creative portfolios from great artists around the world, then you need to think a bit like Prince.

We can marvel at much of Prince’s impressive legacy, but we can emulate him on… 

Start your day on Twine’s collaborations page, someone somewhere needs your creativity on their projects, and, you need someone on yours. (Paid and Unpaid).
Stay active, Search and post, comment and share. Treat it like a physical network.
Remain influenced, and be an influence. Hermits make bad creatives.

Even a genuine “jack of all trades” like Prince was not opposed to collaborations. Avoid your projects limitation by thinking like Prince.


Calvin Venus

Calvin Venus

Born and raised in London, England now living in Houston, Texas. Im a former professional DJ (12 years) equipped with a full service studio to record, mix and master creative musical art from various genres, styles, and production approaches.

I specialise in Hip Hop, Soul, Folk, Gospel, Rock and EDM. Honestly, I love music so much, Im literally into anything.

My approach to music is like food. Good food is like what my mum makes...I'm not into that fast food nonsense...its a lie! My production aim is simple...extract whatever is in your mind and serve!