How to find and shortlist a freelancer

There are thousands of top creatives on Twine. So how do you choose the right one to work with? With our guide, you’ll find and shortlist the right freelancer quickly and stress-free. When you find the right one, accept their pitch to start working together.

Check out their work


The first place to start is their portfolio. The best creatives’ portfolios will be complete (no empty bios or missing cover photos) and they’ll be full of examples of previous work. Questions to ask yourself: Have they done projects that are similar to yours? Do you like the style of their work? If it’s different, will they be able to turn their hand to the style you need? Do they have experience in your project area? If not, are you willing to give them a chance? Don’t rule out newbies entirely – they’ve got fresh skills to offer too.

Quality of their pitch


The best creatives will take their pitch seriously and treat it like a job application. They’ll explain exactly why they’re the best person for your project and why you should hire them. If care and attention hasn’t been put into the pitch, it’s often a sign that the creative isn’t that interested in your project and perhaps could turn out to be difficult to work with further down the line. If you’ve opted to receive offers, make sure the price they’ve set works for you. But remember – it’s not always a good idea to accept the cheapest offer. Be prepared to pay for quality. 



Talk to other people who have worked with them. How did they find the experience? Were they good to work with? Did they deliver the project on time and to the brief? Our ratings system should help you out here. We allow creatives and buyers to rate each other after they’ve worked together.

Talk to them


If you’re unsure – talk to them. Strike up a conversation through messages on Twine. An informal chat could be all you need to be sure they’re right for you. It’s just as feasible that they might contact you to ask you questions. If so, this shows initiative and interest.

Are they compatible?


Depending on your project, you could need someone who’s local or in the same timezone as you. If you need to be in constant contact with your freelancer, it’s no use hiring someone on the other side of the world. They’ll probably be asleep for most of your working day, and the delay in communication could push the project completion back. Be sure this is something that’s suitable for you before hiring.

Treat it like a job and interview


Depending on how much time you have, you may want to do a quick interview. You don’t have to interview everyone who pitches – just the best of the bunch. It doesn’t have to be a formal arrangement either, just a quick chat over messages could tell you all you need to know.

Don’t fall for underselling


There have been no recorded cases of this on Twine, but we want our buyers to be alert. Be wary of creatives who contact you and offer to undercut your budget. It’s really tempting to go with the cheapest option, but usually they’re cheap for a reason. A rate a freelancer offers says a lot about their capability, and it is entirely true that you get what you pay for.



Only projects with accurate project briefs will attract the best creatives. If you project brief is poorly written or doesn’t give enough information, you’ll miss out on the best talent. A brief that clearly defines your project goals, needs, deadlines, budget and any other important information is the most important step to hiring the right talent. This article will tell you the basics of good brief writing.

What next?

Accept their pitch


Once you settle on the creative that’s right for you, you need to accept their pitch. To do this, head to your manage briefs page. Find the brief that you’re working on and click view brief. You’ll be taken to the brief details page. Scroll down and you’ll see all of the creatives who have pitched on your project. Find the creative you want to hire and press accept. They’ll be notified that you’ve chosen them for your project, and you can get down to work straight away.

Close your brief when you find the right person

To give you the maximum chance of getting the best candidate for your project, your brief can be live on our project briefs page for up to 14 days. You’ve got 14 days to accept or decline any pitch you receive. After this, the pitch will expire. 

But, if you find the person that you want to work with sooner than that, there’s no need to leave your post live up there. When you accept your creative your post will be removed from the project briefs page.

Decline those who don’t fit the bill


Decline creatives who aren’t right for your project, and keep a shortlist of people who are. Once you accept the right candidate, all other pitches will automatically be removed from the project.





After studying English Literature at university, Vicky decided she didn’t want to be either a teacher or whoever it is that writes those interminable mash-up novels about Jane Austen and pirates, so sensibly moved into graphic design.

She worked freelance for some time on various projects before starting at Twine and giving the site its unique, colourful look.

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