How to hire creative freelancers on Twine

Clients use Twine to tap into the huge network of creative freelance talent that we have available for hire. This guide will tell you you how to hire creative freelancers on Twine.

1. Post your brief

If you have a project that you need to hire creative talent for, start by posting a brief.

Head to the project briefs page, and click the blue ‘Post a project brief’ button at the top of the filter menu on the left.

Follow the steps to post your brief. We just need a few quick details – your role, description, budget etc. 

You have the option to set a fixed price budget or to receive offers from creatives if you’re unsure what this should be. Creatives will pitch in with different budgets. Review their pitches then select the one that works best for you. 

Your brief is the first contact your freelancer will have with you – make it count. This article will give you more tips on how to get the best from your project brief.

Your brief will be live on the project briefs page for a maximum of 30 days, though it’s highly likely you’ll find your creative much sooner than this.

2. Creatives pitch


Once your brief is live, creative freelancers who want to work for you can register their interest in the job straight away.

You’ll receive an email notification when you receive a new pitch, so keep an eye on your inbox. Any creative freelancer who wants to be involved in your project can register their interest.

If you see a creative that you like on Twine, don’t wait for them to pitch – invite them to work on your project directly via Twine messages.

3. Choose the creative

Once you start receiving pitches, you can begin choosing your creative, there’s no need to wait out the full 14 days. You can message them, shortlist them or just hire them right away.

This article will help you choose the right creative freelancerIf you’re struggling to find the right creative, just ask us. We’re always here to help, and can point you in the right direction.

Remember – after you receive a pitch, you’ve got 14 days to accept or decline it. After this, it will expire. However, you can still hire the freelancer directly their portfolio page.

4. Accept your chosen creative

Once you settle on the creative that’s right for you, you need to accept their pitch.

Go to your manage briefs page. Find the brief that you’re working on, and click the ‘view brief’ button. You’ll be taken to the brief details page. Scroll down and you’ll see all the creatives who pitched on your project. Find the creative you want to hire and click the accept button.

They’ll be notified that you’ve chosen them for your project, and you can get down to work straight away.

Once you accept the right person, all other pitches are automatically removed from your brief.

5. Decline those who don’t fit the bill


Click the ‘Decline’ button on pitches that aren’t right for your project. That way you can keep a shortlist of candidates to select from before you choose the one you want to accept.

6. Work together

Now the fun starts – you can get down to working on your project straight away. This article will give you tips and advice for working with creative freelancers.

7. Get feedback from your creative

During the project you should get regular feedback from your creative on how the project is coming along. That way, if you notice things aren’t going to plan or aren’t what you expected, you can steer things in the right direction before it’s too late.

When your creative sends you drafts to review it’s perfectly normal for them to be watermarked or protected in some way. In fact, at Twine we encourage it. This is to protect the creative’s work before they’ve been paid. Once you receive your final project, there will be no protection or watermarking.

Once you’re happy with the project, it’s time to send payment. 

8. Send payment


To send payment, head to your manage briefs page and find the brief you’re working on. Click view brief. On this page, select ‘Send Payment and Rate’ from the right-hand menu.

You’ll be taken to the payment page, where you can send payment quickly and safely to your creative via PayPal.

Once you’ve sent payment, you can rate your creatives. Click the stars to give them a rating out of 5.

9. Receive your project!

We’ll notify your creative that you’ve sent a payment, and they’ll send your final project files through Twine. Job done!

10. What next?

Showcase your project asking your freelancer to upload it to their Twine portfolio. We love to see what projects you’ve been working on and promote them within our community. We feature the 3 best projects every week on our staff picks page.

Don’t forget to rate your freelancer too if they did a good job. You can do that from your manage briefs page.




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