Introducing the new and improved Twine portfolio!

Portfolios are essential to the freelance industry. If you’re a creative freelancer, you need potential clients to be able to see your work. If you’re a buyer you need to see examples of work before you hire someone.

Now, as you know, the Twine portfolio has been around for quite some time. But you’ll be glad to hear we’ve been busy making some big changes which we’re now ready to share with the world!

Introducing the new Twine portfolio!


Creative freelancers can now feature their best pieces of work, list valuable skills, past experience, and list what content they can make on their new Twine portfolio.

This means if you’re a buyer looking for a creative to hire, our portfolios will tell you all you need to know at a glance.

Say hello to the new Twine portfolio.

Dedicated portfolio page:

The new Twine portfolio has been tidied up so that you can see more work straight away. Gone is the large featured project. Instead, creative freelancers can choose to feature up to three of their best pieces of work in standard sized cards, which you’ll see at the top.

If you have live project briefs on Twine, these will be displayed here too.

Extended about section:

See everything you need to know about a creative


Switch to the about tab to see a creative’s credentials and bio. We now offer an extra large about page, so no detail need be left out. See everything you need to know about a creative from their skills to what content they make to how many followers they have and even read their testimonials.

Creatives – credit your work!

Something that all Twine creatives should take note of: If your work isn’t credited then it won’t appear on your portfolio. So, you should make sure that all work you upload to Twine is credited with the role that you, and anyone else played on it. Otherwise, it will be hidden from public view.

For more on credits, see our help article.

We hope you enjoy using the new Twine portfolio! Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below.





After studying English Literature at university, Vicky decided she didn’t want to be either a teacher or whoever it is that writes those interminable mash-up novels about Jane Austen and pirates, so sensibly moved into graphic design.

She worked freelance for some time on various projects before starting at Twine and giving the site its unique, colourful look.

Despite having studied in Manchester and spent some years in Cheshire, she’s originally from Cumbria and stubbornly refuses to pick up a Mancunian accent. A keen hiker, Vicky also shows her geographic preferences by preferring the Cumbrian landscape to anything more local.