Jimdo Dolphin Website Masterclass: Jydra

Do you want a great looking website like this? If so, then keep on reading.

In this article, up and coming Spanish music producer Jydra explains how easy it was to create a professional looking website using Jimdo Dolphin.

What steps were involved in building the site?

The steps were really simple:

  1. When building the site, I selected the main goals for the website: promote my content (music, podcast, news, etc.), and as well be able to sell merch in the future.
  2. After that, I chose a color template I wanted to follow for the brand identity, which matched my logo’s color code (#FC2A66).
  3. And finally I just clicked ‘Create’ and as if it was magic, the website was created by the AI!

What style and template did you choose?

I used the ‘Modern’ style, because I thought it matched better my brand as an artist, basing the design on my current logos and artworks. Still, I had the chance to personalize completely the website by adding my own pictures to each of the sections (including the website miniature, and the logo on the top left corner).

How did you find using Jimdo?

Really quick, really easy, and efficient. It looks good so I’m very satisfied with it. And I can’t wait to see how Jimdo evolves to give me even more control and customisability.

With Jimdo Dolphin, we’re with you every step of the way. Answer a few questions, connect your social media profiles, and Dolphin takes care of the rest!

Jimdo website plans range from $9 – $19/mo. The great part is that this cost includes a custom domain, hosting, security, support, and other things that would cost extra if you hired an agency. So once you’re website is up and running you’re all set.




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