‘King of the Night’ Book Illustrations Completed on Twine!

Twenty years after first writing his children’s book ‘King of the Night’, Tate McGhee, owner of Skyway Behavior Center LLC, & BCBA with Littke & Associates ABA Therapy Inc., set out to get it illustrated. Luckily, through Twine, he found the perfect illustrator for the project: Maja Bertole Jeras – and the results were literally a dream come true.

All About Tate and ‘King of the Night’

“I am Tate McGhee, MS (Masters in Science), BCBA (practicing Board Certified Behavior Analyst). If you have ever seen the show “Criminal Minds”, they are all BCBAs too! The difference is that they use their training to catch bad guys and I use mine to treat children with special needs. I am the owner of Skyway Behavior Center which is a facility that treats young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have a passion for helping children in need. I have always been an artist, in the theatre, TV and film in my youth, and later more as an author. My collaboration with Maja has an interesting side story attached to it.

‘King of the Night’ was first written in 1997. It sat on my shelf with other works for almost 20 years. When I became a father, in 2012, I began to feel compelled to read this book to my son Miles as a bedtime story (before he got too old to enjoy it) but didn’t know the first thing about how to get it started. Because of Twine I was able to meet Maja who is the perfect illustrator (halfway around the world from me) for what this book needed. We spent almost 7 months from July through to the end of December to complete the structure. I am happy to say that because of Twine this dream came true! I was even able to read an initial draft of the book to my son last week!

'King of the Night' illustration: boy and cat sail through space towards the moon on a teacup, surrounded by flying cutlery, crockery, toys and cakes.

I found Twine easy to navigate. I was in contact with several illustrator candidates that I interviewed, and Twine stayed with us through the creative process, even supporting me to get the final files to close out the deal. Maja is simply the best. She’s dedicated, communicative and flexible. The talent she possesses is truly amazing. I hope to write more just to work with her again!! She became and is a part of my life.

My advice to other buyers is to take a chance on Twine, trust the process and make sure communication is prioritised. It is the key towards meeting those goals and dreams aspiring artists have when working together.”

'King of the Night' illustration - boy and cat stand in forest surrounded by bright flowers in the moonlight.

About Maja

“My name is Maja and I’m an illustrator from Slovenia. I attended Secondary School of Design and Photography but I didn’t pursue my passion later on. It was just recently that I started drawing again and I finally figured out what I was missing for all these years. So I started learning the techniques and software and here I am, illustrating books.

‘King of the Night’ is a children’s book about a boy who finds courage and knowledge (my interpretation) when he meets a cat called Shadow. Shadow takes him on an adventurous journey through the night where he teaches him about things and life. They travel through the night full of imaginative plants, flying cups, sleeping city, etc. where the cat explains to the boy the deeper meaning of the things that surround him and of what he is afraid of.

'King of the Night' illustration: cat sat on tree outside window at night, with moon behind it. Cat and tree cast shadows on to the floor.

Tate was the perfect client. We agreed on almost everything, the book was so interesting and as soon as I read the text I could imagine what would it look like. And he replied fast and gave me great feedback. I think this was a great collaboration. I’m glad that I could bring his ideas to life and that he’s satisfied with the result. It will also be a great stepping stone for me I guess. I can now show the book elsewhere and maybe get some other pitches.  But above all I am just so thankful for the opportunity he gave me and I really enjoyed making the illustrations for his book.

I have to say I’m genuinely satisfied with Twine and with all the support you it gave me. And the help centre is sooo quick! My advice to other freelancers it to be patient – the right thing is just around the corner. Work hard and above all: have fun doing what you love.”

'King of the Night' illustration: cat and boy stare up at Northern lights style formations in the sky. The formations look like glowing women.





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