The making of ‘Create’ in Affinity Designer for iPad

Zutto’s vibrant artwork ‘Create’ was made purely in the Vector Persona of Affinity Designer for iPad and is a fantastic example of the stunning effects that can be achieved using only vector tools.

Check out how Zutto creates her signature liquid look in Affinity Designer for iPad in this time-lapse workflow video.

Zutto creates magical results using a combination of five main vector tools in Affinity Designer for iPad.

Here are the main tools and techniques used:

  • Pen Tool
  • Fill Tool (with Linear Gradients selected)
  • Node Tool to edit the nodes created with the Pen Tool
  • Ellipse Tool for circles
  • Colour Picker Tool to sample colours and chose tonal variations

If you’ve been inspired by Zutto’s stunning artwork created in Affinity Designer for iPad, you can find out more about her work on Behance. 

Want to learn more about Affinity Designer?

Having been hailed as a viable, feature-rich and cost-effective alternative to Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer has become a go-to app for graphic designers, illustrators and web developers all over the world, who love its silky-smooth combination of professional vector and raster design tools.

Available without subscription on macOS, Windows and iOS, it contains everything you need to create stunning illustrations, branding, icons and UI/UX designs, print projects, typography and concept art either from your desktop or on your iPad whilst on the move.

Feeling intrigued? Why not try it out for yourself? Its creators Serif offer a 10-day free trial of the macOS and Windows app which allows you to play with all its awesome features before you buy.

And the icing on the cake − Affinity Designer is not linked to a subscription model. It’s available for a one-off payment of £48.99/ $49.99 USD/ € 54.99, for Mac or Windows, and £19.99/ $19.99 USD/ € 21.99 for iPad with free updates until version 2!

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