Marco Mestichella – Troubled Water

Marco Mestichella is everyone’s favourite, trippy Italian on Clowdy. We reviewed him not so long ago in our Spotlight section which you can read here. Now we’re here to talk about the exciting release of his latest album, ‘Troubled Water’, out this month.

Troubled Water is a 10 track album written and arranged by Marco with help from his producer Joe Rodwell and additional production/mixing credits going to Max Bottini from Gabin, Arbus Paik, Mariano La Torre, Annette Exner, Nick & Danny Chatelain, Sam Ewens and Peter Creuser.


The album opens beautifully with the shimmering and spacey electronics of Vola Via. A great introduction to the vocal style of Marco as well as some building tension on the strings until everything gets cut halfway through the song and a more orchestral and rising sound takes its place. There’s plenty of experimental hooks in his tracks which define his music along with a captivating vocal style often compared to the likes of Beth Gibbons from Portishead. Having said all that, his title track, ‘Troubled Water’ has a different sound to his usual.

Troubled Water is the second track of the EP and definitely differs from the swaying, alternative rhythms into a summer pop kind of vibe where you’re diving down a waterfall. It’s got a driving pace with a chorus layered rich with exhilarating, explosive energy. But you can still listen out for the changing arrangements such as the drumming tribal beat and chants to close the track.

Not an Arctic Monkeys cover, this track has a really stylish, montage-friendly track. Sounds like it would be great for sinking into your headphones travelling on a sun-blazed coach trip across the country. Although the intro does have a sinister edge to it.

The rest of the album owes credit to the great work of the remixers/reworkers involved as mentioned above. A particular favourite being the stomping remix on ‘I should have stayed home tonight‘ by La Rochelle Band.

Read our interview with Marco below where he discusses his creative process and what’s coming up:

Is there a common thought process when writing your songs? Or are they all developed in different ways?
I have a few ways of working on music, but at the end they all come together. Sometimes I make demos, with very simple guitar arrangements and sets of lyrics and then I take them in the studio and develop them, other times Joe, my producer, creates instrumental demos and we take it from there. Sometimes a beat or a guitar riff inspires me a lot, so I just loop that single part and start singing different things on it. Usually I can get a song in its demo version in a couple of sessions, if I am clear about what I want to make. After I have that done, I listen to it plenty of times and start thinking of what I want to change/add in terms of structure and arrangements. I am extremely lucky to be working with very talented people like Joe Rodwell. I feel like he is completely able to translate my visions into music. He’s a multi-instrumentalist as well which makes it much easier he can change from trumpet to bass or guitar and piano in a second. That’s how the majority of my songs are currently being produced. I always carry with me playlists of music that I want to keep as reference. It’s a good way of having a sort of source, a reference point you can go back to while you are developing ideas.

What venues are you most at home with?
I am truly looking forward to performing bigger stages than the ones I am doing now. I have a big band and I really want to develop the visual sides my performances more and incorporate it during live gigs.

Which artists have you most enjoyed collaborating with?
I have really enjoyed working with Claudia Heidegger, who co-wrote a few songs with me last year and she is the backing vocalist and violinist in my band as well. None of the songs I worked on with her are on Troubled Water as they will be released later on. ‘Troubled Water’ was a very different project to work on, due to all the different collaborations. It was nice to work with everybody. I’ve always been a big fan of Gabin and I was really flattered when Max Bottini, one of the members, replied to me saying he was willing to do a rework of Treason. I like the new version! I decided to work with La Rochelle Band after I saw them opening for Parov Stelar last November at the Brixton academy and thought I really wanted to have my music remixed. They also said yes right away. I think those two songs, together with the artwork by Josh Darko, helped me shape the whole record. After seeing the front cover I was really inspired and totally certain of which songs to feature.

What’s coming next?
Well I am busy promoting the record at the moment! There’s an animated music video coming up soon for the titular track and I am heading to Italy in June to shoot a music video in Rome and other visual content for Troubled Water and planning a couple of shows I’d like to do in London in autumn.

Troubled Water



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