How to manage freelance jobs with

We’re going to show you some really important techniques for managing freelance jobs, using our favourite workflow tool,

So if you want:

More clients.

More revenue.

More control.

Then you need to read the tips in this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

If you want to optimise your workflow then there’s one simple concept you need to understand:

Most tools just list work; actual management is done outside these tools. You need to focus on the big picture. focuses on processes, which is what management and operations are really all about.

When you shift your mindset to focus on processes rather than tasks, your sense of control and productivity will skyrocket.

And clients will be queuing up to re-hire you.

The question is:

How do you do it?

Make your mission control for freelance projects and use these powerful features to start managing your work and stop listing tasks for the sake of it.

Let’s find out how.

Focus on what matters most

It’s an amazing feeling when you get loads of client work coming in.

But then the stress starts to grow as you realise how many plates you’re spinning.

Then, to make yourself feel better, you start writing long lists of everything you need to do to get the jobs across the line.

But this approach just doesn’t work. Why?

All you’re doing is listing your work in an inflexible black box, not managing it.

You’ve lost sight of the bigger picture and have no flexibility if problems arise.

Also, the brain doesn’t respond well to vertical lists, because it’s hard to process a one dimensional hierarchy.

Grids are a much clearer way of setting out your client projects.

This is why on you organise and store your projects using boards.

Think of them as the ultimate virtual white boards where projects are stored so you can everything from everyday tasks to month/year long projects. offer three types of boards: main, shareable and private.

Shareable boards are perfect for client projects because they can be used with outside guests and Private boards can be used for confidential work.

Hit your project milestones (without stress)

Organising your client projects clearly is really important, but unless you are hitting your goals then it’s meaningless. makes it easy to prioritise tasks and mark your progress.

So that means much less stress and no more guesswork.

There’s nothing prettier than seeing a green board, as it means you’ve got everything done and will have a lot of happy clients!

Build strong client relationships

Growing a client base is hard work, so freelancing is all about relationship building.

The good news is is an amazing tool for teams. Here’s why:

You can invite other freelancers or client team members instantly, and discuss project updates with clients without messing around with lots of back and forth emails.

Also, tasks can be individually assigned and person that the task is assigned to will receive a notification letting them know so they can get working.

Stay on track

Once your client work is all setup in then their desktop notifications will keep you on top of all the latest client developments, so you’re never in the dark.

Also, all your updates from boards you are subscribed to (following) are instantly listed within your personal Inbox, so you never miss an update!

They’ve also got incredible customer support.

If you have any problems then a member of their team will get back to you within minutes, so you’re not left waiting around feeling helpless and frustrated.

Start saving time today is an incredibly flexible and customizable tool, but if you don’t want to start from scratch then they offer pre-defined templates to help easily get started.

With templates, you can dive right in to making projects and don’t have to spend time starting from scratch.

So stop using old fashioned project management tools and wasting your time listing tasks.

It’s time to get work done with

Are you struggling to manage client jobs? Comment below and we’ll be happy to offer advice.