Music and film blogs we’re reading

Some blogs we’ve been reading at Clowdy

The traditional music press might be spiraling its way down the pan but there are a huge number of blogs online that make it easy for us to keep up with what’s happening in the industry. Enterprising bloggers are also beginning to colonise the world of film and cinema.

Here are some of the sites we check out on a regular basis to keep up-to-date with cultural goings on in the UK and beyond.

Music News and Film News

These aptly-named sister sites do exactly what they say on the tin, offering short-and-sweet tit-bits from the world of music and film as well as offering more in-depth interviews and reviews.


Music News regularly puts the spotlight on its favourite artists, while Film News is an ideal spot to get an overview of upcoming cinematic releases.

The Music Manual

Based in Liverpool, The Music Manual is a great place to spot emerging music talent from across the country. Founded by Lauren Jones, it was shortlisted for the Arts and Culture Award at the UK Blog Awards 2014. Its simple design belies an intelligent, focused approach to finding new acts.

Ultra Culture

Edited by Charlie Lyne, Ultra Culture takes a pleasingly off-kilter look at the world of cinema, offering opinion pieces on the state of the industry as well as podcasts and lists (everyone loves a list on the internet).

Pop Verse

Pop Verse is an online magazine that works across a range of mediums (which we approve of at Clowdy, of course). It covers new music, film, books and technology, as well as occasionally publishing original fiction.

TQS Magazine

If you want to keep up with what’s happening in pop culture, TQS Magazine should be in your bookmarks. Its areas of interest include film and television as well as gigs and album reviews.

Lyric Lounge Review

Great combo of indie music and comedy reviews and also a blog with a Clowdy presence.


Fearghus Roulston

Fearghus was tempted into training as a journalist after an injudicious exposure to the Tintin books at an early age. He worked in several content marketing and writing jobs before starting at Clowdy, where he deals with blogging, social media and other non-Tintin or international espionage-related activities.