Nick’s Corner: The A.J. Gatz Project

Like a refreshing breeze of melodic wonder, A.J Gatz writes songs that will be floating around your head for days. Currently residing in Paris, The A.J Gatz Project have recently released Volume 2 of the album Who Is A.J Gatz?

The album was produced by A.J Gatz and friend Arthur D.B and what is apparent from all the songs on the album is the bold and intelligent songwriting skills that Gatz possesses. A great example of this is “Blame” with a simple but effective arrangement that supports the vocal and piano melodies perfectly.

But the track that particularly resonates with me is “How Long”. With a stunningly, gleaming guitar line that, from the intro, really sets the feel for the track. To be later joined by Rhodes-style keys and discreet horn sounds to add subtle textures to create a candescent flow.

Check out tracks from Volume 1 and 2 of The A.J Gatz Project on Clowdy and follow him on FB.


Nick Whitehorn

Nick Whitehorn

25 year old singer songwriter Nick Whitehorn was born and raised in the biggest council estate in Europe, Wythenshawe, in Manchester, England, in December 1987. Nick started learning the guitar at the age of around fourteen strumming and singing along to Nirvana and Oasis songs, like thousands of others, to teach himself the basics.