Nick’s Corner: AGWatson

This week, I have had the unforgettable hooks of one man’s songs firmly cemented within my head to form the solid foundations of admiration. Although, he currently only has two songs on Clowdy, the quality of these pieces of work that AGWatson has brought to the table is something that can only be appreciated with high-regard.

Born in Stockton-On-Tees but now residing in Manchester, AGWatson is bouncing from venue to venue with his guitar in tow, mesmerising crowds as he goes. And with songs like these there’s no wonder.

I love the delicate feel to this track but there’s also something quite haunting about it at the same time. Searing falsetto’s that cut through your eardrums with joy and carefully-constructed chord progressions that really send you on a journey. The intelligence that, when the chorus kicks in, the subtle change of chord that you wouldn’t necessarily have predicted, changes the entire feel to the track.

Another brilliant track from AGWatson which, although has a completely different feel, still contains the same intelligence as before. Carefully crafted guitar work supported by compelling melodies that are easily accessible for the listener (hence why this was chosen as a Staff Pick a couple of weeks ago).

Have a listen to his tracks on his Clowdy page and give him a “follow” to stay up to date with any musical treats he’ll be throwing your way in the near future.


Nick Whitehorn

Nick Whitehorn

25 year old singer songwriter Nick Whitehorn was born and raised in the biggest council estate in Europe, Wythenshawe, in Manchester, England, in December 1987. Nick started learning the guitar at the age of around fourteen strumming and singing along to Nirvana and Oasis songs, like thousands of others, to teach himself the basics.