Nick’s Corner: Jack Ducker

One of the things that I find most intriguing about music and the creation of it is the thought-process of the artist. How they came up with the chord progressions and why they chose them in particular. The choice of sounds they use to create a certain feeling or aura which was once just an idea in their head. This week, the artist who got my brain ticking is a chap from Chester called Jack Ducker, whose music, whether it be singer-songwriter, ambient or drum ‘n’ bass, is wonderfully crafted and fantastically produced. The instrumentation is intelligently balanced and polished, just as it would be from someone with an educated ear.

I think the thing I find most exciting about this guy is that he doesn’t feel restrained into just one style of music. He has 11 songs on his Clowdy page which span over at least 4 different genres which really is testament to his creativity and musicianship. Probably my favourite track of Ducker’s is a track called “Limousine” as it is just pure-funk. With a rip-roaring guitar solo for you to sink your teeth into, it’s almost impossible to not bounce around your living room with teeth-gritting satisfaction.

Check out all his tracks on his Clowdy page to really appreciate his work and give him a “Follow” so you can hear more when it comes, which it most certainly will.


Nick Whitehorn

Nick Whitehorn

25 year old singer songwriter Nick Whitehorn was born and raised in the biggest council estate in Europe, Wythenshawe, in Manchester, England, in December 1987. Nick started learning the guitar at the age of around fourteen strumming and singing along to Nirvana and Oasis songs, like thousands of others, to teach himself the basics.