Pete picks his top 5 Projects

Hello! Since joining Clowdy, it’s been part of my job to scour the internet to source some of the best unsigned and independent artists out there. I’ve spoken directly with a lot of the talent we have on Clowdy, which makes selecting just 5 an almost impossible task. So here goes….in no particular order and very much in my head right now.

Projects 1: “Time Machine” by She Drew The Gun

She Drew The Gun is the musical project of Louisa Roach of Liverpool, whose music I’ve nigh on been obsessed with since first hearing it. It’s rare to hear lyrics that carry so much weight behind them, and the self-made stop motion video for “Time Machine” compliments the song beautifully.

Project 2: “Promise” by David Hirst

Another incredibly talented acoustic singer-songwriter. David Hirst’s haunting vocals and impassioned melodic folk music is an absolute treat to the ears, and “Promise” is my pick of the bunch.

Project 3: “Ivan Brackenbury” by Jason Wingard

Jason is a Director we can expect big things from. A previous Virgin Media Shorts Grand Prize Winner, he has a knack of creating brilliantly written, well timed and perfectly executed comedy shorts. “Ivan Brackenbury” is no exception.

Project 4: “Touch” by Nimer Rashed

A recent addition to Clowdy and one we’re incredibly proud to have on, “Touch” is the Virgin Media Short Grand Prize Winner 2013 by Nimer Rashed. With stunning cinematography, it effortlessly tells the story of life, love, loss and new beginnings through that sense we take for granted, touch.

Project 5: “Murder Song” by The Big V

As soon as I heard The Big V I knew we had to have them on Clowdy. “Murder Song” is an intense, brooding piece of music that is fired along by the powerful voice of Emily Johnstone to a climactic finish of guitar solos and keys.



Steve is the Digital Marketing Manager at Clowdy. He came to Clowdy by a somewhat circuitous route. He left his native Northern Ireland to study engineering at Loughborough, and shortly after went further afield to complete his MBA in the States after earning a running scholarship to the University of Tulsa.