Press Release tips: Get them knocking at your door

A press release is a document that any musician should have in their roster if you have big news coming up. This could be for an EP release, a tour, or anything else you think people ought to hear about what you’re doing with your music! A press release should be sent out to any available and relevant contacts you as a musician have, and it will help you get your music to the ears that need to hear it!

What to put in your Press Release

To get journalists or radio stations to listen to you, make it clear why they need to listen to your music or go to a date of your upcoming tour. Put all the details at the start that they need to get in touch with you, such as your email address, street address, phone number and full name. This will ensure that if, and when, they are interested they can all come knocking at your door (literally). Afterwards, make sure to have a little bit of information on the song or EP you’re releasing to the public – make it short, like a twitter bio.

Include a brief paragraph detailing what it is you’re doing; explain your song or hype up your tour because this is something that shouldn’t be missed! The purpose of any press release is to brag about how great you are and to make sure that everyone you’re sending it out to can see that. Give information about you as an artist or band, include names and quick backgrounds to get across you or your band as a desirable project that deserves to be played 7 times in a row on Radio One.


List your influences in your Press Release. This will give the reader even more of a feel of what you’re all about. Give all the details about your band (and make sure to get your personalities across) then tell them any other interesting and exciting things you have coming up like gig opportunities or any other releases that are scheduled. Make sure to include any awesome things you have already done in your career e.g. that BBC Introducing radio play you were involved in, or how much you gig in your local area. Passion is key and you have it in buckets!

At the end of your Press Release, a “boilerplate” should be included. This isn’t some home heating appliance you haven’t heard of that you should use as a bribe as part of your press release; this is more like a bookend of more information about you and your musical endeavours. You could include your latest gig you have coming up and all the relevant information or even if you’re already back in the studio or writing more tunes! Then re-include your contact information (preferably an email address) and also any manager’s contact details you may have.

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Having a really good press release will help people to hear exactly what you’re doing and can even introduce new people to what you’re doing; how great is that? Check out this blog post which tells you exactly how you should lay out your Press Release if you want any more information.



Jenna is a Music Business student at BIMM Manchester from Northern Ireland. She loves puppies, dogs, music, puppies and going to gigs. And puppies. She currently runs an independent record label based in Manchester which focuses on indie/grunge music, and she also plays guitar and bass. She spends every day listening to new music and reading about the state of the music business industry for fun and to seem a bit cooler at parties.