Spotlight: Scott Forrest

Scott Forrest is a professional film maker based in London. He became interested in film making as a hobby, aged 17, and made his first projects in his final year of school, before going to study photographic & electronic media at art school. He gradually shifted his focus to directing and studied a Masters at Screen Academy in Edinburgh, where he made four short films.

_MG_1765In 2014 he directed his first professional level short film called Deadly Ground. This film is a fusion of classic film noirs and modern thrillers, which recently premièred at Aberdeen Film Festival.

In the same year he also moved to London and has been working on two further short films ever since. The first is Dark Edge: Edge of Darkness – a sci-fi comedy, which is currently in Post Production. It lampoons Star Wars, Terminator, Blade Runner and countless others. The other film is Complex; a psychological neo noir exploring the mind of a schizophrenic who thinks he’s a detective.

His bigger plan is to begin working on his first feature film once Dark Edge and Complex are completed in the Spring. He likes to work on projects in a variety of different styles and genres, particularly film noir. A lot of his work looks at corruption, and the struggle to find hope against overwhelming odds. Although they are at opposite ends of the spectrum, Scott says that Deadly Ground and Complex are really two sides of the same coin in that they have similarities but approach the problems from completely different perspectives.

To find out more about Scott’s work, follow him on Twine and Twitter.


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Joe Scarffe

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