Spotlight on Adhitia Sofyan

For fans of: Damien Rice, The Beatles, Kings of Convenience, Fionn Regan

From Jakarta to Japan and Singapore, Adhitia Sofyan’s melodic acoustic tracks have struck a universal chord. We’re delighted to welcome him to Clowdy – you can check out his latest Clowds, including local number one Adelaide Sky, here.

Adhitia is based in Indonesia and has been writing his own songs since 2007. His bustling home city of Jakarta is a major influence on his work’s polyglot lyricism and diverse musical influences, although he has also lived and studied in Australia.


Follow Adhitia Sofyan on Twitter: @adhitiasofyan
Follow Adhitia Sofyan on Twitter: @adhitiasofyan

Good music can be a universal language, as the international success of Adhitia Sofyan suggests. His reliance on melody and accessible tunes leaves little to be lost in translation, although the singer’s lyrics are worth listening to. This is especially true for the love-lorn Adelaide Sky.

Sofyan has toured in Japan and performed at Singapore’s prestigious Esplanade Theatre over the last few years, one of the bustling city’s biggest venues.

Although he considers the Esplanade gig a career highlight, Adhitia’s just as happy offering up new songs in one of Jakarta’s busy cafes. An eternal romantic with a delicate approach, he describes his music as “best served with rain and coffee” – so he should be a good fit for any Mancunian listeners!

Equally at home writing in English or Indonesian, the singer-songwriter has a magpie’s eye for cultural flotsam from across the world. You’ll hear shades of Paul McCartney and Norwegian folk-pop duo Kings of Convenience, particularly in the delicate guitar lines of his latest tracks.

But he also brings to mind the best moments of Dublin’s many singer-songwriters of the last decade, particularly in meandering acoustic instrumental  I Won’t Go To Bed – think Glen Hansard, Damien Rice and Fionn Regan.

Visit the Clowdy profile for Adhitia Sofyan here to learn more about this exciting international musician and keep track of his new Clowds.



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