Spotlight on Ash Before Oak

Ash Before Oak are a talented gathering of pop rock Northerners which officially began releasing back in 2011. Members include Peter Griffin (not going to reference Family Guy in any way, not even in brackets), Mark Armor, Richard Butler-Lee and Faberk as their Beetlejuice-dressed clown who is the star of their recent music video releases and now the symbol of Ash Before Oak.

Originally just a duo of Armor and Griffin, with over ten years of writing together, they have certainly used the time well to develop stimulating harmonies and unique melodies which have received play on national radio, television and independent film.

Their first single “You Make Me Me”, which you can find on their debut EP, was recorded raw in 2009 and had great reception with airplay on several BBC radio stations and received particular high praise from BBC radio DJ Mark Radcliffe amongst others. From their first 2 EP releases “Lifetime” and “For Henry” you’ll detect influences from the likes of Elbow and Simon and Garfunkel. And that is just one random reason out of many to love this band.

Their style took a turn from stripped back lively guitar riffs when working on the “For Henry EP” which contains plenty of piano melodies, strings and pensive atmosphere. It was written as a soundtrack to British independent film, Self Same Sky.

After “For Henry” they have gone on to release 2 fantastic singles with “Zombie Fever” and “Winter Snow”. Zombie Fever is a bouncing, electric track with a fever-like chorus you won’t be able to shake off, nor will you want to. Starring Faberk as he decides how to spend his last day on Earth. Which probably explains why he returns in animation form for the charming and feel good stop motion music video Winter Snow, where Faberk fights through harsh winter to be with the Beetlejuice-dressed clown he loves.

Head to their website for upcoming gig dates and to invest in some great music.



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