Spotlight: Auditorium

Auditorium are French brother & sister duo Raph and Laura, who write luscious downtempo music. Their music and album artwork is characterized by a deep nostalgic warmth and surreal yet sublime beauty, which shifts effortlessly from ethereal dance music to pure chill-out. From the start, it’s been really important to them to view the music and the artwork as one artistic entity. Each of their tracks is constructed as an independent story within their universe. For them, Auditorium is not just music, it’s a planet in another galaxy…

They both started learning acoustic instruments when they were very young; Raph learning drums, guitar and piano and Laura focusing on piano and singing. They have been recording and performing as Auditorium for the last three years.

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They have wide eclectic tastes, ranging from trip hop to techno. Their music is influenced by artists including Steven Price, Russell Brower and James Horner. They are also deeply influenced by the many countries they have visited and lived in. This is particularly clear in the touches of ethnic music which feature in all their tracks.

To find out more about Auditorium, follow them on Clowdy and Facebook.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

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