Spotlight on Avery Island

Corbin Baer, otherwise known by his stage name Avery Island is an up and coming Californian DJ who joined the EDM scene just 2 years ago but is already sending tremors across Europe and the states from packed out venues.

Corbin’s music ranges from EDM, Trap-House and hip hop. You’ll hear plenty of influence from Diplo and Good Times Ahead and notice his evolving sound with his constant experimentation and passion to develop with the curve of the genre. In his earliest original mix “Full Moon” you’ll hear a more pronounced, sharper and punchier beat. Now, listening to his latest release, a remix of “You” by Galantis you’ll hear a softer more rounded progression towards a pulsating effect on the drop after about 90 seconds in which is sure to cause some euphoric bounce on the club floors. Have a listen here:

He’s been on an impressive run with the EDM circuit so far with live sets in New York, Las Vegas, Miami, London and Moscow, to name but a few. And he’s been flying up the charts, particularly with his most well received release to date, his remix of “Gold Skies” by Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix and DVBBS. Some great opening sample work, background effects and two savory drops. Check it out below:

Head over to his Clowdy profile for more, including his astounding Halloween 2014 set. Listen out for the “Oi Oi Oi” at 3:52 resonant of classic rock and roll from ACDC in his “TNT” intro.

We interviewed Corbin on his favourite shows, influences and upcoming work. Take a look at what he had to say:

What was the turning point when you realised you could make a career out of your music?

A:  It was around the time when i really started seeing Electronic music grow in America and it was becoming such a huge scene with easy access to get started up. I knew that music and playing shows was something i wanted to do long term so I put 150% of my life into pursuing that, and really it takes putting your whole life into your work to be able to make something big out of it, so I’m really excited to see what the future holds 

What are your big musical influences?

A: Up until this point i have been producing music that is more main stream Big festival style music, only because it is what people want to listen to, but for my newest album that is coming out I went with what really I think is a better style to represent me and how I feel. I have been blessed with a lot of opportunity to meet and work with other artist on this project and it definitely has a heavy influence of more future style or “neon” bass music. ODESZA is one of my favorite groups right now and I hope they enjoy my work! 

Where have you currently been touring?

A: I just recently returned to America and plan on staying here for the foreseeable future mainly because I am trying to focus on improving my original sounds and growing in the production side of things. Every big name artist I have talked to has told me that if you stay true to your work and put out good music the shows will come naturally.  So to take things to the next level that’s the route I plan on taking.

What has been your most enjoyable live performance so far?

A: I enjoy every show I have ever played, being on stage and kind of the center of the party and being able to see everyone’s reactions to the way you play and perform is one of the best feeling in the world so its definitely a special memory every time I get on stage. But by far my favorite is a show I played recently in my home town, it was great because I knew basically everyone in the crowd that I’ve grown up with, so it was cool to share that moment with them and its something I will never forget.

What comes next?

A: There is a lot in store for this year, we are hitting 2015 hard, with the recent release of our company and online store “The Avery Island’ and for my Remix EP and Album all coming out as well it’s definitely going to be the most eventful year of my career so far and I’m excited to see and be apart of all of it.




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