Spotlight on Cook St. Productions

Ever wonder what it would be like to share a beer with Jesus? Or how you would act if one of your friends won the lottery? Or how Buzzfeed manage to pair together numerical values and popular things time and time again?

Cook St. Productions have been answering these questions since 2011 when a band of humour enthusiasts from Colorado found their true calling. To make sketches that detail things like having really long baths and brief conversations about what it’s like to go to Scotland, or was it Ireland?…Well it was definitely Europe!

They’re at their best in sketches like the “Under the Affluence” series when all 4 guys are bouncing great dialogue off of each other with unsettling sincerity and an unacceptable amount of eye contact. The series is about how friendships change when one of them becomes filthy rich from a lottery win. Here’s the pilot:

There’s plenty more variety in their sketches that we’ve been adding to our staff picks as well as those that we haven’t for no other reason but not wanting our staff pick collection to look overly attached and infatuated with these guys. We thought it would be more appropriate to be casual and emotionally unavailable by writing an article about them instead.

Also beyond their sketches you can keep abreast of their Rotten Potatoes podcast in which one of the guys goes to watch the latest movie releases alone and then reports back to the group. Free to download on iTunes here.

P.S. If you’re already a fan you probably read this article in Nate’s voice as he has that sort of Morgan Freeman thing going on.



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