Spotlight: DejiRox

DejiRox is a Belgian music producer and graphic designer. He’s been building up a reputation for himself on Twine by sharing his tracks and producing awesome artwork for other Twine members. In fact, we recently featured one of his projects as a staff pick. He loves interacting with new people on Twine and pushing the boundaries of his skills. Not content with traditional music genres, he’s even thought about creating his own new genre. In this interview he talks about his passions and shares tips for meeting other creatives on Twine.

Who are your musical background and influences:

“I’ve always enjoyed music. My tracks are mostly influenced by Trap, House music and EDM. At one point I’d even thought of creating my own genre because I loved to experiment with and create new things which are both entertaining and new at the same time.”

summer dejirox

Who have you worked with on Twine:

“I’ve worked with many people on Twine including DJ and music producer Enfield, rap artist and music producer Panashe Paradza, and music producer Excelano. It’s really fun and interesting to see the many things you could learn from the people you interact with on the website. The collaboration board is a great way to connect with people and you can even make new friends, at least I have! Aside from music production, I’m also not too bad at creating artwork for people, and I do it because it’s fun. I’ve done a few collaborations with other graphic artists, and I got to have one of our projects staff picked!”

x dejirox

Can you give any tips for how to find people and start working on Twine?

“The collaboration board is a great place to find people to work with, but another way I try to work with people is by interacting with my followers on Twine. I check out their music, leave a like and comment on what I liked about the track. That way they are aware that I’m keeping tabs on them and their music, and we connect better as producers and it’s easier to collaborate on tracks.
I’m having a fun time with music and I don’t plan on backing out anytime soon!”

To find out more about DejiRox, follow him on Twine, Facebook and Twitter.




After studying English Literature at university, Vicky decided she didn’t want to be either a teacher or whoever it is that writes those interminable mash-up novels about Jane Austen and pirates, so sensibly moved into graphic design.

She worked freelance for some time on various projects before starting at Twine and giving the site its unique, colourful look.

Despite having studied in Manchester and spent some years in Cheshire, she’s originally from Cumbria and stubbornly refuses to pick up a Mancunian accent. A keen hiker, Vicky also shows her geographic preferences by preferring the Cumbrian landscape to anything more local.