Spotlight: DR3ARY

Matt Torres (AKA DR3ARY) is a music producer and former metal guitarist from Albuquerque, New Mexico, now based in Baltimore, Maryland. In this blog post he tells us about his musical background and influences and who he’s been working with on Twine. He also gives several tips for finding and working with people on Twine.

1) Musical Background and influences

“I’ve been a guitarist for over 11 years, playing in many Metalcore and Post-Hardcore bands. I’ve shared the stage with tons of top acts in the scene. With the difficulty of finding the right musicians to work with who are on the same page, I decided to look for a way to make the music I wanted without having to rely on much anyone else. Around the age of 23, I picked up FL Studio and started to dabble in the Electronic music production world. Two years later and here I am, still experimenting but deep into it and going full force. Because I have the experience, a ton of my favorite Post-Hardcore/Metalcore bands influence my Electronic writing, such as At The Skylines, Famous Last Words, Erra, Winds Of Plague among others. Electronically, I’ve been getting into quite a bit of Deep Dubstep Acts like TRUTH, Biome, Feonix, Nanobyte and Subscape who also have a great influence on my writing style.”

2) Who I’ve been working with on Twine

“So far, I’ve only worked with Stahalamora (from Mumbai) on Twine but I’m really diggin’ the song we created together called ‘Fallen‘ and I definitely want to continue working with her on future collabs.”



3) Tips on finding and working with people on Twine

“The way I made it work for me was I wrote a song first and engineered a layout of the instrumentals so I had a feel for the track’s sound. I then browsed the Twine Collaborations Board and filtered the search to vocalists looking to sing over a track. I was basing my decisions on who to contact off of if they had original material posted, the quality of that material and if their style matched the tone of my track in mind. I found Stahalamora and knew I needed her on my track so I followed her and sent a message, the rest was history. So, I recommend knowing what you want to hear and do the research to find that match you think is ideal. Twine can be a very useful tool if you make the effort and try it out! The perfect match for your music is out there and Twine helps bring them closer to you.”

To find out more about DR3ARY, follow him on Twine, Facebook and Twitter.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

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