Spotlight: Glaubber

GLAUBBER is a music producer from Brazil, currently living in Rio de Janeiro. He started playing the piano aged 10 and has been producing music under the pseudonym GLAUBBER since 2013. His music is inspired by artists ranging from Olafur Arnolds, Kiasmos, Beacon, Nils Frahm, Submotion Orchestra, M83, Hammock, Jon Hopkins and Christopher Willits.

Below is an explanation of his creative process in his own words:

‘When I started to produce music, all I wanted was to create ambient and atmospheric sounds with some minimal and emotional pianos plus with electronic beats – I always find it a good combination – and make basically instrumental songs. It was when I released my first independent EP called “Emergencial”, an experimental project where I focused for the first time on producing something which could make sense.

When I’m in the creation process, I use to record small pieces of music, letting ideas flow and see if some of those ideas are good enough to evolve. Three of those ideas came to life 1 year after on my third and last project, called “Seis Tempos”, which I took 6 entire months creating as many versions as possible, testing new ideas and sounds. I really like the final result of it.

Each project has a particular life history. Every time I listen to each song I can remember what I was feeling right at the moment I was creating it’.


For his next project, he is trying out writing songs and collaborating with vocalists. This is the reason why he has joined Clowdy, to search for talented singers that can take his songs to the next level.

He particularly likes vocals with a 70’s/80’s sound, which he describes as smooth and dreamy.

To find out more about Glaubber, check him out on Clowdy, Facebook and Twitter.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

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