Spotlight: Ian Sean

Ian Sean is a rapper from New York who’s been building up a reputation for himself on Twine by collaborating with music producers all over the world. In fact, we recently featured one of his projects as a staff pick. He loves interacting with new people on Twine and pushing the boundaries of his skills. In this interview he talks about his collaborations and shares tips for meeting other creatives on Twine.

Who are your musical background and influences?

I’m originally from the Bronx in New York, but my parents are from a small island St.Vincent in the Grenadines (in the West Indies) so growing up I was very reggae influenced. I was also introduced to artists like Michael Jackson that were played in the household. As the New York rap scene took off, I found that I identified with that more than anything I listened to at that point and to this very day!


Who have you worked with on Twine?

Twine has been a really good tool for me. I have been a member for about 9 months now and I’ve gotten to work with people I wouldn’t have met any other way besides this community. The Twine members I’ve worked with are DJ Ghost, he’s sent me two tracks we’re working on and they’re absolute bangers! Dj hippie has been amazing, mixing record after record for me till he perfects it! He does everything in a professional manner and we’ve got more collabs in the works with my vocals over his own production, coming soon. Aaron Johnson has been a great guy we got things brewing he’s very detailed an has tons of ideas an our energy matches and I really dig his sounds! And the last but definitely not least I’ve been working with Swahili Rapboi. Yes, he really raps in Swahili, haha! And I love it! I have collaborated with him the most. I’m featured on his project titled trials an tribulations volume 1. I haven’t heard the final release but when it drops it’ll be crazy.

I think communication is most important and keeping your criticism constructive. Making sure you meet your deadlines and completing projects on time is an issue I think is very overlooked. I’m working with guys who have other obligations an other artists there working with an the closest person to me is 400 miles away. so only way this is getting done is with patience and understanding now we are building that rapport with each other an our catalogue, sound, and fan base are growing. The future is bright an getting brighter with every track completed.

To find out more about Ian Sean, follow him on Twine and YouTube.




To find out more about Ian Sean, follow him on Twine and YouTube.


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Joe Scarffe

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