Spotlight: Jaee Jaee

Jaee Jaee (AKA Jodie Thornley) is a rapper from Nottingham, UK, who has been collaborating with creatives all over the world. A track from her latest Around the World Mixtape was made a staff pick last week. In this interview, she tells us about her background, who she’s worked with on Twine and gives some on advice on how to find people to work with on Twine.

Musical background and influences

Music isn’t just something I like to do, its a passion, Music is a way I feel like I can express myself and it is a passion I will always have. I started writing poems when I was at secondary school and then I turned to song writing then in 2015 started putting my lyrics to different kind of beats. My music is a story of my life, I like to write about real-life situations the audience and my supporters can relate too. My biggest influence is Lady Leshurr, i think she represents the Female artists and she is living proof that you can make it to the top when you start right at the bottom. I have grew up listening to artists like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Boys II Men.

Who you’ve been working with on Twine

I have made a lot of single tracks just to gain new artists as friends who have become people that I will collaborate with again. My most recent track is called “Its all about to change”. I felt this needed a strong male voice on it and that’s why I invited Emik Vyats to join me and he helped make it an amazing track. I wanted to Create a track like ‘Game over’ Featuring Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah etc. So I came up with an idea of a #UKTOUSA track, so I produced the beat myself. The track is called Get it y’all and it includes Daymian, TamaRe, Alazae and $heriff. For my ‘All around the world’ mixtape I collaborated with many creatives from around the world that are on Twine. Beatrice Johannson collaborated with me on a track called Beautiful, produced by Mr Throwed. This song is a powerful and meaningful song, it needed a strong, powerful voice on it so that is why I collaborated with her.


Ruzey joined me on a song called ‘Let you go’ Produced by GoHardOrGoHomeBeats a song about a breakup, he did an amazing job. Breakjester asked me to Collaborate with him and other amazing artists on a song like my #UKTOUSA song. it was a pleasure working with him. UnknownVirtue produced an amazing beat for me to go on my mixtape called Please – a meaningful song and a really smooth beat. This song includes J.Simmons, an amazing rap artist and Stahalamora singing on the chorus. She has a beautiful voice and it’s a beautiful song. Miss Weirdy and I wanted to switch things up and combined genres of music that we both liked to come up with a reggae/Hip hop beat called ‘Make a change’. It’s a motivational song that’s needs to be played on a nice sunny morning. Swahili Rapboi joined me on a song called ‘I’m back’ a song about a partner/lover being away for a very long time and finally coming back to the one they love. He’s an amazing artist and would love to work with him again.

How I found people to work with on Twine

When looking for people to work with on Twine I look on artists’ profiles and listening to there flow and lyrics, or listening to there beats if there producers. Twine has a collaboration page on there website it makes it so easy to find different artists. Make sure that you like their work, and make sweet music. Thank you to Twine.

To find out more about Jaee Jaee, follow her on Twine and Twitter.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

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