Spotlight: Jan Nemeček

Jan Nemeček is a Serbian producer who specialises in ambient and improvisatory electronic music. He emerged in the early ’00s and soon became known as one of the most versatile and prolific electronic producers around. In Serbia, he has built a strong reputation for producing innovative electronic music in a wide range of styles. His music is influenced by borderline dub sub bass movements and is heavily based on deconstructed recordings. He cofounded the record label Norbu in 2008 with Danilo Tomic. 

Jan released his new EP “Watered” on 7th of September. The three track EP immerses you into a lush melodic world and ends with a violin version of Uncertainty which also appeared in a different guise on Jan’s last album “Fragmented”. The first two tracks on the EP keep faithful with his trademark club sound. Watered starts slowly with melodic chords, followed by Jan’s classic sampled vocals. Point is a subtle dance floor rocker which retains the tension and atmosphere of the first track, but with a rougher groove. Uncertainty takes you to a whole other musical spectrum and quickly settles into a pleasing chaos of vocals, violin, synths and noise.


The Watered EP will be available via all online music distributors and on the Soundhitectures website.

To find out more about Jan Nemecek, follow him on Facebook and Twitter. To find more of Jan’s music and other amazing artists on the Soundhitectures label, check out their portfolio on Clowdy, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

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