Spotlight on Jason Wingard-Hasford

Fellow Mancunian Jason Wingard-Hasford is a multi award winning filmmaker, writer and director with a touch of true Northern class. In 2011 he was the victor of Virgin Media Shorts with his sci-fi thriller entry, 2:20. Shot with a DSLR camera with crisp and vibrant visuals it tells the brief story of a man who receives an item from a passing stranger. An item that can act as a gift or a curse depending on how it’s used.

Post Virgin Shorts, Jason managed to form a relationship with a producer at the BBC in order to work on some comedy ideas. Somewhat in contrast to a thriller but definitely going on to become his signature. At least in our eyes. Ian, Ivan and Ben are just 3 examples of his hilarious creations, all with distinct character and backgrounds. Ian De Montford is the spirit medium with a gift to craft presentations that apply to 75% of his audience. Ivan Brackenbury is the hospital radio DJ who warms the hearts of patients with his innocently offensive broadcasts. Ben is the reluctant taxi driver hopelessly in love with his usual Monday customer Jackie.

All his characters have a very endearing charm that can have you warming to them in the space of 2 minutes. Hopefully one of his creations gets picked up for a televised pilot. His style will definitely appeal to fans of quirky, awkward situations with personalities that could so easily become iconic if they gathered enough attention. His work also has some likeness to such British comedy as Phoenix Nights and The Office UK.

We managed to get Jason involved on our panel of previous Virgin Media Shorts winners to help judge the filmmaking talent from our ‘Clowdy Shorts’ competition. Take a look at which shorts made the final 10 here.



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