Spotlight on Jay Stones

Jay Stones is fresh on the scene as a diverse musician from Memphis, the land of musical pioneers. Just what he has set out to become. A founder of a new style and vibe of music.

From listening to his work you’ll hear a mixed range of soul, R&B, jazz and pop coming together to form future soul music. Not that Jay wants to be pigeonholed into one particular genre we’re just doing what we can to pique the interest of the right kind of listeners. And there’s plenty of good reason to be giving him a listen with some of his notable influences, being Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and John Lennon, all contributing to his music in different areas.

He has a deep ambience in a lot of his tracks with bass that is so rounded and smooth that you can play it full volume and still feel mellow and relaxed. All sewn together with soothing and easy listening vocals that add to the sense of groovy, romanticism you’d hear in Jimi Hendrix tracks like “Electric Ladyland”. Have a listen to the hypnotic “Paralyzed” single which he released early last year:

Jay wants to craft something different in his work rather than add to existing formulas. And his music and message comes out with an inspiring attitude, refreshing melodies and rich vocals. Chuck in a few nice piano chords, the sax and a sample that regularly informs you that “that dream is possible”, you’ll have our favorite track, “Hazy”. Have a listen below.

Head over to Jay’s profile for a lot more than what we introduced you to here, as it doesn’t do much justice to judge such a diverse artist with just 2 tracks. Particularly take a look at his official debut EP “Taboo Temple”.



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