Spotlight: Jeejaa

Jeejaa is a 31 year old producer from Arnhem in the Netherlands, and is a member of SuperNiceMusic (A group of producers, MCs, photographers & visual artists that collect and create high quality Hip Hop). He has been making music since he was 16 years old and started off producing downright hiphop beats, but it soon evolved into more instrumental hiphop/funk/soul inspired music. His main inspirations are Michael Jackson, D’Angelo, Boozoo Bajou and Slum Village. Being a lover of Hip Hop, Funk, Lounge and R&B, you can hear these influences trickle through to his atmospheric and loungy tracks. Recently, he has been mostly listening to beatmakers like Galimatias, Evil Needle and Iamnobodi. Over the years he has worked closely with local friend and fellow producer Henning, who is also one of his major influences.

Jeejaa has released three instrumental albums. His debut album Suitcase was released in 2012, with awesome artwork by Chris Wormhouldt. The album has a very versatile sound, ranging from the mellow opener ‘Just Relax’, to the funk heavy ‘Sunshine’, You can play it during your morning commute, at the family BBQ or late night at the club.


His second album Route du Soleil was released in 2013. Route du Soleil is French for Motorway of the Sun and is a major French motorway, which takes you down through the east side of France, on the way to sunnier pastures like the French Riviera or Spain’s Costa Brava. With this album, Jeejaa provides the perfect soundtrack for the journey.
Album artwork from Jeejaa’s second album ‘Route Du Soleil’, used with permission.

His most recent album Transition was released in 2014. Transitioning is the process or period of change from one state or condition to another. And that’s exactly what Jeejaa’s latest installment does. It starts with the soulful, funky and laid-back grooves, but halfway through the landscape on this sonical journey changes.

Transition shows two faces of itself. There’s the one side, where the world has blue skies and green grass. And then there’s the other side, where dark clouds fill the skies and thunder and lightning get closer by the minute. Bring your umbrella, and experience this trip yourself. And bring your rain coat, too. Oh, and strap up your boots. And let’s not forget your scarf. Things are about to get stormy!

Jeejaa - Transition cover
Album artwork from Jeejaa’s third album ‘Transition’, used with permission.

Jeejaa is currently working on his next album, which he plans to release later this year.

Find out more about Jeejaa by following him on ClowdySoundCloud and Bandcamp.


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