Spotlight on Jordan Allen

Jordan Allen is the charismatic and stylish songwriter hailing from Bolton with a guitar, his band of Joe Horrocks, Marcus Johnson, Danny Quin and a collection of mesmerizing, fast paced recordings.

He’s been turning a lot of heads this past year packing great venues across the North, plenty of radio play and even a play of his track, “Remembered” on Soccer AM. Reason being is that there is plenty of momentum and charge with Jordan. Listening to his music you hear how intensely satisfying the music is to himself as well as the listener.

His style contains quick, lyric heavy rhythms with tasty guitar riffs and an assertive attitude on stage. But if you come across his cover of “Frankly My Shankly” you’ll see he can slow it down a notch and put more emphasis on his charming vocal abilities and finger picking. He’s no doubt at his best though when he lets himself get in a catchy, frenzy state that you’ll see in one of his most well received tracks “Remembered”.

It’s the regional and natural charms of bands like Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and The Courteeners that have played a big influence on his music. But it’s clear from his lyrics he has crafted his own personality and meaning derived from the initial confidence he earned winning the crowds of his school, before taking on the much larger venues.

One of the main draws to Jordan’s music is for the look into his world through his lyrics. Which has us excited to see how his messages and style evolves with new releases. Take a listen to some of the tracks from his debut EP “I wanna be Remembered” which focuses on his steps into the music industry with refreshing honesty. Here’s one of our favourites, “Rich & Famous”.

If you’re on the lookout for his gigs then you can see him headlining ‘Acoustica Presents’ in the House Party Tent at Kendal Calling on the 1st of August. In the meantime, get listening to him here.



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