Spotlight: Kuru

Kuru, better known online by his alias KuruMusic1, is a young electronic dance musician, graphic designer, singer/songwriter, and producer. By the age of nine, he had already taken a strong interest in music and was taking regular private tuition on the violin. At age twelve, Kuru begun to take an interest in piano and taught himself basic music composition and theory.


At the age of thirteen, Kuru began to record several rough demos with home studio built from spare instruments, borrowed from his musical peers. It was during this time he experimented with electronic music composition, and quickly discovered the world of audio engineering and production. In freshman year of highschool, Kuru released his first EP, entitled ‘Not of Your Species’.The EP consisted of eight tracks, and was soon followed by a ‘The Frequency Treatment’ and ‘The ‘Alterfrequency’. This series of EP’s often times consisted of a mix of Dubstep inspired instrumentals and dance tracks, ocassionally including lyrics.Summer of 2012, Kuru completed his fourth EP, ‘Sarin’. Shortly after uploading this series of Trap Inspired songs to SoundCloud, he gained the attention of one of his fellow pupils, Nick Price. Nick Price was attending the same high school at the time and was duel enrolled at the nearby community college, where he attended an audio technician class and assisted local bands with track production. It was during October of 2013 when Kuru and Nick Price (alias ‘King Louie’).

They agreed to develop an independent record label dedicated to alternative/electronic music. The duo released Kuru’s debut album The Blackout January 24th of 2014, attracting the attention of several surrounding booking agencies and skyrocketing Kuru to the number one position on reverbnation’s pop/electronic charts.As a follow up, Summer of 2014, the duo released an EP titled Just For Kicks, yet again raising his profile as an artist.The release consisted of several festival EDM inspired sounds, as well as a collaboration with Kayla Shelton, a long time friend with a talent for creating jewellery.KP17

Kuru‘s music is inspired by a whole range of different genres. His initial inspiration was Black Sabbath, who’s strong guitar leads and rather interesting show imagery was enchanting to the three year old Kuru. Over time, his musical creativity was reinforced by musical acts such as Depeche Mode, ColdPlay, Fleet Wood Mac,, Kanye West, Marina and the Diamonds, Imogen Heap, Madeon, DeadMau5, Skrillex, Zedd and the list goes on…

Kuru is currently setting up a VEVO page, and will be coming out with his first music video in August. The music video will be for his next single, Magic, which will be released to beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, among others. Magic will be released by Global Dance Records on August 11th. After the release of Magic, he is releasing a free EP entitled Ornate Nights. He is also pursuing freelance graphic design, and produces instrumentals for various pop musicians, which, all combined, means that he’s a very busy fellow.

Magic Cover_1

Ornate Nights_Cover Art








Kuru is one of this week’s Staff Picks, alongside Marco Bocatto and Alias Lunar. To find out more about Kuru, check him out on ClowdyTwitter, FacebookYouTube, SoundCloudTumblrbeatport and ReverbNation.

(Photography by Danielle Jean Martin. All images and text used with permission of Kuru).


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Joe Scarffe

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