Spotlight on Liam McClair

For fans of: Elbow, Stephen Fretwell, Damien Rice, Nick Drake, Paolo Nutini

22-year-old Mancunian songwriter Liam McClair has been making waves in his native city.

Following the release of debut EP How, the singer has recorded a second short album, to come out on July 26th.

This will be entitled Honey. A live Clowd of the title track, performed at the Artwork Atelier studio space in Salford, is available here.

What makes McClair stand out among the glut of boys-with-acoustic-guitars on the British music scene is his deep, resonant voice, a real attention-grabber for audiences.

He’s been spreading his wings in recent months, playing at L’an Vert festival in Belgium (as well as taking time out to sample the local beers!)

Liam also took part in our Clowdy Sessions at Mojo’s Manchester earlier in the year, performing a host of tracks from his hotly-anticipated EP. If You’re Really Mine, a bluesy ballad, showcases the range of his heartfelt, engaging vocals.

Growing up in Manchester, it was natural that the young Liam McClair should be exposed to live music from an early age, although he did have a dalliance with the city’s other passion in football.

After injury ended a promising youth career with the Reds Academy, Liam decided to concentrate on songwriting and soon produced an impressive array of deceptively simple tunes.

He remains a stalwart fan of Manchester United and has even performed one of his songs at Old Trafford in the past.

A typical product of the internet age, Liam’s diverse taste is reflected by the unexpected cover he’s produced, including a stripped-down version of Arctic Monkeys stomper R U Mine and hip-hop classic No Diggity.

However, you’ll also detect the influence of classic Mancunian songwriters such as Stephen Fretwell, while his powerful voice recalls Guy Garvey of local heroes Elbow. Difficult to pin down – but that’s how he likes it.


Fearghus Roulston

Fearghus was tempted into training as a journalist after an injudicious exposure to the Tintin books at an early age. He worked in several content marketing and writing jobs before starting at Clowdy, where he deals with blogging, social media and other non-Tintin or international espionage-related activities.