Spotlight on Marco Mestichella

Marco Mestichella is an Italian recording artist based in London who has been serving up trippy, dream-pop tracks that nest in your head time and time again. None of his tracks sit in the background unnoticed. They all have their own unique attractions.

Moving to London from Italy back in 2009 he was working with music straight away in various pop/rock bands. It wasn’t until 2011 that his solo work began. What you can expect is a mixture of mellow, ambient bass lines, refreshing hooks and poetic lyricism with elements of jazz, pop and rock. Marco recorded his single “I should have stayed home tonight” live for Clowdy. Check it out below:

He released his debut EP ‘The Day I Killed My Ego’ in September 2013 along with two video-singles in support of the record. Last November he then released his latest single, “Fragments of Light” to keep us well fed in anticipation of a second EP this Spring. Marco’s music has a midnight citylife vibe and sense of allure and wonder which is noticeably evident in “Fragments of light”. Our favourite part is the chorus which has an immersing sensation similar to being deep underwater while staring up at the surface. Have a listen for yourself:

After checking out his Clowds be sure to head over to his website to find out about upcoming gig dates and latest news.



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