Spotlight: Momomo

Momomo is a minimal techno artist from Bordeaux. The inspiration for his style originally came from listening to a wide range of rock, jazz, minimalism and other classical music. More recently he has been much more into electronic music (from deep, indus techno to idm, chilling vibes or other polyphonic noises…). He sees his music as a passionate and necessary attempt to push into the future.

A crucial inspiration for him is the ‘4th art’, which he describes as: darkwaved, deep, technoïd, experimental, lower cased, purple, variation compliant, vibrating, progressive, surgical, minimal, accurate, as sharp as possible, cerebral, essential, industrial, raw, crispy, pulsing, thumping, heady, industrial, polyrhythmic, grinding and pounding of course…

He has recently collaborated with fellow French musician AliEnØr on a number of tracks, most notably We’re goin’ out there.

AliEnØr & momomo - we're goin' out there To find out more about Momomo, follow him on Clowdy, Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

Joe is the CMO at Twine.

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