Spotlight on Alaskan Tapes

Alaskan Tapes, formerly known as O S L O, is an ambient producer from Toronto who creates serene atmosphere and trippy, downtempo sounds. While some tracks are meditative and soothing, others can capture a very intimate sorrow.

What I noticed about Alaskan Tapes is the amount of care and thought put into the entire package. The music is consistently high quality and stunning but then to add to that it’s all respectfully presented with beautiful artwork.

I’m also a huge piano fan so hearing the tracks being built around delicate keys and strong bassy chords made for something different and much more inspiring. Mixing natural, traditional sounds with warped electronics can create some really great music.

Have a listen to the slow, downward plunge at the end of “Memoir”, featuring Los Angeles vocalist Nori. We made it Staff Pick this week. Every track has a way of isolating you in such a huge, peaceful landscape.

One track that has been received particularly well is actually the first track recorded under the new name. Fittingly named as, “Then Suddenly, Everything Changed”. There are much stronger tones in this one with distant reverb on the percussion to create a haunting vibe. Yet all that is woven together with tranquil vocals and gentle keys creating a really interesting harmony. A balance that works perfectly in an improvised dance between Carmine and Harriet, captured by filmmaker Rogerio Silva. The video isn’t currently on Clowdy but you can find it on Rogerio’s Vimeo page here. Below is the track:

Have a listen to Alaskan Tapes entire collection on Clowdy along with all the great vocalist collaborations. Also be sure to catch up on all updates from social pages Facebook and Twitter.



Dylan has now been involved with Clowdy for over a year as an integral part of the creative and marketing team. In his spare time he gives the rest of the office an intense inferiority complex by being a jazz pianist, mathematically proven to be the coolest possible hobby.