Spotlight on Apostles

Devin Hieb is the Denver based electronic artist behind the creation of Apostles. A project which travels up and down the spectrum of moods with a mix of downtempo, dreamy beats and darker, more aggressive atmospheres.

Playing through his 9-track, debut album, ‘Anamnesis’ you’ll hear a lot of trippy fading bass and reverberated stutter effects that make you feel like you’re falling out of control down a kaleidoscope and enjoying it.

The first track we’d like to put on here is a track outside of his EP called ‘Inexorable”. The reason it stuck out is with its brooding, future beats it evokes the imagery of delving deep into a cityscape of grime and corruption not dissimilar to the 2012 remake of Judge Dredd. It has that same sinister, pre-riot energy which keeps you on edge throughout the track. Have a listen below:

The next track is the title track of his album ‘Anamnesis’ which we previously made a Clowdy Staff Pick. It has a very different, chilled vibe with a lulling and smooth tempo. The water shimmers and glistens as you sail down a tranquil stream looking up at the dancing cosmos above. Testament to the vivid, experimental style Apostles has delivered with the album.

Play through the rest of the Anamnesis album and more on his Clowdy profile here. Also show some support by voting for him to play at the Colorado ‘Arise Music Festival’ here.



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