Spotlight on Nathanael Schroder

Nathanael Schroder is a relatively unknown musician out of South Carolina who has a fantastic collection of chilled electronics and beautiful piano arrangements. If you’re a fan of evocative and deeply inspiring music then you’ll be happy to listen to what Nathanael has to offer.

With honesty, my favourite music is anything that can inflame and excite your imagination. Music that can be reinterpreted depending on your environment, state of mind and experiences, making it timeless rather than a catchy hook with a sell by date. The fun part is gradually peeling away at its many layers and its ability to interact with you in different ways. If you haven’t already heard Nathanael’s music then find some time to marathon through it and enjoy the sounds evolving and developing between his debut track, ‘Volume‘ a couple years ago to some of his recent releases like ‘Good Morning‘.

I should say I was in my element when I realised I had so many of these stunning tracks to get through, similar to being spoiled with all 13 episodes of Daredevil on Netflix at once. So it’s been difficult picking and choosing highlights to talk about to keep the review reasonably short. But one track that definitely stuck out had to be the most cinematic of the bunch, ‘The Motion’. Turning towards his more orchestral side rather than electronics it has a great piano arrangement over a layer of passing traffic which beautifully tranquilises the stress and volumes of city life.

For now, my favourite track has to be Return. Once again attracted more to his classical side, the progressing and rich piano sounds halfway through at about 1:12 create such a dramatic atmosphere when merging with the strings. It’s sadly not a long piece but I think the charm of the track might be damaged if it was stretched out too long and it was overworked. Nathanael definitely has film appeal with all his tracks and these short, moving pieces could conjure up some great cinematography.

To listen to all his other work in classical, electronic, house and even dubstep then head over to his Clowdy profile here.



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