Spotlight on Talitha GabriElle

Talitha GabriElle is an unsigned soul artist in Atlanta with plenty of guitar flair and Sunday morning feel good vocals. She’s naturally honed a love and ability in music after growing up with a musically gifted family. She’s also a dab hand at production after graduating Hampton University with a B.S. in Music Recording Technology.

She moved over to Atlanta to gain live performing experience as well as to connect and collaborate with other up and coming talents. Her EP “little girl (cumi)” is a blend of funky guitar riffs with soft soulful vocals. Her sound is like the lovechild of Norah Jones and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Arguably her best track so far is “Do you”. Really catchy electric guitar for the hook and relaxing chord progression on the chorus. I can testify it’s great music to zone out to in headphones slouched on a beanbag. But it’s certainly got a colourful, outdoorsy vibe to it. Check it out:

Another great track is ‘Foolish’ as it stands out from the rest of the EP with its electronic elements. It has more of an aggressive attitude in its punchy beat and lyrics making the EP more dynamic and refreshing.

She’s currently making plans for serious studio time and recording her album. So head to her FB and Clowdy page to give her some support and get more people listening.



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