Spotlight on Wolfins

Wolfins is the alternative music project created by Montreal born, singer-songwriter Jiselle Dallaire. Her rhythm and pace develops in such a natural way rather than just following conventional music theory and patterns. It feels like all her songs have their own unique mix of feelings and history giving them a personality and something to understand. That’s why I’ve been going through her music a lot.

While all her songs are a somber, downtempo reflection there’s still a really warm and comforting vibe.  A sort of sound you can really step into and unwind for the evening. With the stripped back guitar arrangements and layered vocal work it sounds very intimate and personal.

My favourite track has to be “I grew away from you”. The intro starts with a very soft and slowly strummed guitar lull. But as the keys start and the vocals progress the guitar melody starts tightening up, focusing and building more passionately. Listen to the full 7 minutes here:

Another great Wolfins track has to be “Pretty Ugly”. Starting off with a riff that for some reason reminds me of a slower Paolo Nutini track, Pretty Ugly is full of dreamy, distant vocal layers. Like you’re spinning in your own head. She manages to build a really intense and rich atmosphere without any simplistic aggression and emotion. The progression of the track pulls it off effortlessly.

Be sure to check here out more of her tracks here on her Clowdy profile and reach out to her if you’re looking for vocal talent.



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